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Our Story.

Every start-up begins with a vision. Ours was easy: High-quality and affordable sports nutrition adapted to the female body. This vision created WOMEN´S BEST. A company that is one of the fastest growing female brands worldwide.

From Innsbruck into the World.

Me and my brother Lukas Kurzmann were already at a young age intensively involved in competitive sports, weight training and nutrition. A hobby became a lifestyle, which we still pursue determined for the past 8 years up until today. To achieve best results, we rely on high-quality sports nutrition in their daily diet. But: sports nutrition was almost exclusively only available for men. That is what we wanted to change.

We take sports nutrition to a new level.

The quality of our products has been our highest priority since the very beginning. Our formulas are adapted in a best possible way with experts and nutritionists to the female body and are put to the acid test, before our customers can achieve their fitness goals better and faster. Our sports nutrition is produced under highest-quality standards in Germany, the UK and France.

Focus on more.

Our 900.000 loyal customers are served in 150 countries in over 5 continents. Our products are also available at around 14.000 stores including big health retailers like Boots or Holland & Barrett. And – we have set a new goal: Everybody should be able to purchase our products. Worldwide. We are already working on big plans for retail in Australia, Asia, and the USA.

But one thing will never change: Our appreciation for every single customer and our passion for quality is our biggest motivation.


Check out our Aftermovie from FIBO 2018 in Cologne and it's safe to say, that you guys exceeded our expectations! We were overwhelmed by all the great people we met, all the positive energy you gave us, your honest and good feedback on our products & your personal stories with Women's Best.
Lean back and enjoy the footage we have edited for you: